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little mermaid
20 May 2011 @ 01:43 am

Author's introductory note:I promised in my previous post that I would be writing a fan fic for my 5 boys if I get accepted for the job that I was applying. Here's the good news: I made it.  So here it is, as promised.

This is the return of the Kings.
The 5 Kings.
Every fangirl wants a glimpse of their reality.

That addictive dose of Changmin's sarcasm, Junsu's gags, Yunho's masculinity, Yoochun's grease and Jaejoong's weirdness.

That semipermeable box in your head that only allows the amazing facts to go through and filters the bad things out of your fangirl system.


You thought this would last forever, didn't you? You share their fame and glory. After all, what's that Guinness World Record for?

Do you know the legend of Cassiopeia? She was punished partly for her vanity.

So, we lived up to the name. That beautiful red ocean that stands out amongst all the colors in every event. You thought it would never end, eh?

The split happened. You went from hysterical to delusional. A lot of your fellow sisters of faith had decided to move on. 

But you waited. 2 years. And more. 

You watched in agony as their names were slowly forgotten and were replaced by the new idols. You saw how ecstatic the others are as their favorite artist releases a comeback album. You kept asking yourself that abused question, "When?" When are they coming back?

You got tired of the rumors. 3 versus 2. You don't have any idea what version you would believe anymore. Deep inside, you knew that you will never get the raw truth without additional false subtitles, right?

What do you call yourself now?
Your days are reduced to a passive reader of daily DBSK articles. You tell everyone that you will support each member but you don't even bother to watch their new music videos or even listen to their newly-released songs. 

Cos, honestly, those songs suck.
It's as if they will never make a hit song if they don't come back as five on that stage. 

You've gotten over those illusions, though. They will never come back.  DB5K my ass. Maybe in 2012, when the world ends?

"Oh f*ck. This couldn't be happening." 

But one normal morning, your fangirl box was awakened by the news.

"Five DBSK members, to stand in one stage once again after 2 years."

This could be another of the hundreds of misleading articles posted by tabloids for their benefit. Nervously, you scan through the contents of the article.

"The President of the Republic of Korea has requested the appearance of  JYJ and DBSK(Homin) for the Korean Golden Ball which will be held in the Blue House. It is a special event organized by the President himself to honor the biggest names in the Hallyu wave.

It was reported that DBSK will be receiving an award on the event not as separate groups but as DBSK (with 5 members).
It has been confirmed by the spokesperson of the President that both agencies from JYJ and Homin confirmed their attendance for the event.

Who could say no to the President?"

Despite your initial revulsion to South Korea's President, you can't help but change your opinion. You want to hug the man at the moment. 

You are back in your fangirl world. And certainly, the other fans (even those who left, screw them) are crossing their fingers for this meeting. 

The question now is, "What will happen next?"

You're crying. Then you're laughing in between tears. You're mad.

Who wouldn't be?

(to be continued)
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little mermaid
17 May 2011 @ 08:38 am
Applying for a job that I REALLY like today...
If I am hired.....................

I'd make a DBSK fanfic...


Not just Yoochun as the lead guy.

 But the five of them.

LOL.This is crazy, y'know.
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little mermaid
10 May 2011 @ 11:34 pm

          I was pretty bored. I decided to watch "Run Devil Run" since I'm pretty addicted to it these days. I think I'm on the verge of memorizing the steps. The replay button has been abused. Until I was just randomly watching SNSD videos. The latest of which was their recent song, "Mr. Taxi". I'd say it's their best song so far. But I still see the same aegyo and boring moves. Same steps as the previous songs. Maybe, a little more complicated. But, I'd disagree to someone from Youtube who described the choreography as insane. I couldn't spot any insane move. I still like the song. And I'm looking forward to SNSD's growth as an artist. Cos until now, I still cannot fully understand their sudden rise to fame. Oh, it's been explained to me countless times by fans and anti-fans alike. I still don't get it. SOWRY. I just want them to grow up from that "cute genre". 

          Anyway, so boredom struck a blow again. Then, I ended up watching Proud.
Y'know. I'm a solid Cassie. For a lot of obvious reasons. Like, duh. Couldn't find this kind of music nowadays. And yeah, just remembered that this was the epiphany song. 

         Hmf. I used to be a Micky hater because of a certain variety show (Love Letter with Yunho and Hwangbo). I had this bad impression on the guy. It improved to "Oh he's not that bad. He looks like Xiah." Honestly, the second time around, I could not distinguish who is who. Micky or Junsu? Pretty absurd, I know. Ah, you get it. I didn't like him. In fact, I didn't care. To me, he was like some DBSK outcast.
        However, fate had other plans. I watched PROUD and everything changed. 
        *replay a million times.* 
        Hence, it was just Micky, since then. My loyalty ain't wavering yet!


"Things that live on, things that I believe in. While changing towards happiness,
we’d both walk along together."
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little mermaid
05 May 2011 @ 04:21 pm
Stolen from happy_gogogo. Thanks amiga!

Bold what's true about you:

My personality:
* I’m loud.
* I’m obnoxious.
* I’m sarcastic.
* I’m cocky.
* I cry easily.
* I have a bad temper.
* For the most part I don’t like people.
* I’m easy to get along with.
* I have more enemies than friends.
* I’ve smoked.
* I’ve smoked weed.
* I drink coffee. (used to)
* I clean my room daily.

My appearance:
* I wear makeup. (do you consider eyeliner and concealer as make-up?)
* I wear a piece of jewelery at all times.
* I wear contacts.
* I wear glasses.
* I have braces.
* I colour my hair regularly.
* I straighten my hair often.
* I have a piercing.
* I have earrings.
* I have a tattoo.
* I have small feet.

* I’m in a relationship now.
* I’m single.
* I’m crushin’.
* I’ve missed an ex before.
* I’m always scared of being hurt.
* An ex has abused me at least once.
* I’ve told someone I loved them when I didn’t.
* I’ve told someone I didn’t love them when I did.
* I’ve been in love more than two times.
* I believe in love at first sight.
* I believe lust is more important than love.

* I have a best friend.
* I have at least ten friends.
* I’ve gotten a phone call in the last 48 hours from a friend.
* I’ve beaten up a friend.
* I’ve been in a serious fight with a friend. (verbal)
* I can trust at least five people with my life.

* I’ve been on a plane.
* I’ve been on a train.
* Someone close to me has died.
* I’ve taken a taxi.
* I’ve taken a city bus.
* I’ve taken a school bus.

* I’ve gone bungee jumping.
* I’ve made a speech.
* I’ve been in some sort of club.
* I’ve won an award.
* I’ve spent 24 hours on the computer straight.

* I’ve been in a physical fight.

* I listen to R&B.
* I listen to Country.
* I listen to Pop.
* I listen to Techno.
* I listen to Rock.
* I’m one of those people who play songs repeatedly until i hate it.
* I hate the radio most of the time.
* I download music.
* I buy CDs.

* I spend at least six hours a day watching television.
* I watch soap operas daily.
* I’m in love with Days Of Our Lives.
* I’ve seen and liked the O.C.
* I’ve seen and liked One Tree Hill.
* I’ve seen and like Americas Next Top Model.
* I’ve seen and like Popular.
* I’ve seen and like 24.
* I’ve seen and liked CSI.
* I’ve seen and like Everwood.

Family Life:
* I get along with both of my parents.
* My biological parents are still together.
* I have at least one brother.
* I have at least one sister.

* I have at least one step brother/sister.
* I have at least one half brother/sister.
* I’ve been kicked out of the house.
* I’ve ran away from my home.
* I’ve sworn at my parents.
* I’ve made my parents cry.
* I’ve lied to my parents.
* I’ve lied to my parents about where I am.
* I’ve lied to my parents about what I’m doing.
* I’ve lied to my parents so I’d be allowed out.
* I’ve walked out when I’ve been grounded.

* I’ve been brown.
*I’ve had streaks.
* I’ve cut my hair in the past year.
* I’ve dyed my hair in the past year.
* I’ve been blonde.
* I’ve had black.
* I’ve been red.
* I’ve been light brown.
* I’ve been medium brown.
* I’ve been blue/green.
* I’ve gotten my hair thinned
* I use conditioner.
* I’ve used silk therapy.
* I’ve used hot oil treatments.
* I’ve curled my hair.
* I’ve straightened my hair.
* I’ve ironed my hair.
* I’ve braided my hair.

* I’ve yelled at a teacher.
* I’ve been suspended.
* I’ve had an in-school suspension.
* I’ve been sent to the principals office.
* I’ve walked out of class.
* I’ve skipped an entire day of school.
* I’ve skipped a whole month of one certain class.
* I’ve failed a test. (oh fuck, most of the time)
* I’ve cheated on a test. (you know...high school days)
* I’ve helped someone else cheat on a test.
* I’ve failed Art.
* I’ve failed P.E.
* I’ve failed Math.
* I’ve failed Science.
* I’ve failed another class.
* A teacher has called my parents.

Bold what you have done:
1. had sex.
2. bought condoms
3. gotten pregnant.
4. failed a class.
5. kissed a boy.
6. kissed a girl.
7. used a little paper bag for lunch.

8. had a job.
9. slipped on ice.
10. missed the school bus.
11. left the house without my wallet.
12. bullied someone on the internet.

13. sexted.
14. had sex in public.
15. played on a sports team.
16. smoked weed.
17. smoked cigarettes.
18. smoked a cigar.
19. drank alcohol.
20. watched The Breakfast Club
21. been overweight.
22. been underweight. (always and forever)
23. had an eating disorder
24. been to a wedding.
25. made fun of someone for being fat. (yeah, i do that to a family member)
26. been on the computer for 5 hours straight.
27. watched TV for 5 hours straight.
28. been late for work.
29. been late for school.

30. kissed in the rain.
31. showered with someone else.
32. failed my drivers test.
33. ran a mile in less than 10 minutes.
34. been outside my home country.
35. been on a road trip longer than 5 hours.
36. had lice.
37. gotten my heart broken.
38. had a credit card.
(sheez, I miss my CC)
39. been to a professional sports game.
40. broken a bone.
41. been unhappy about my weight.
42. won a trophy.
43. cut myself.

44. had an STD.
45. got engaged.
46. been on a diet.
47. tried out to be on a TV show.
48. rode in a taxi.
49. been to prom.
50. played a drinking game.
51. stayed up for 24 hours or more.

52. been to a concert.
53. had a three-some.
54. had a crush on someone of the same sex.
55. been in a car accident.
56. had braces.
57. learned another language
58. killed an animal.

59. been at a yard sale.
60. been to a japanese steakhouse.
61. wore make up.
62. talked to someone via webcam.

63. lost my virginity before I was 16.
64. had my wisdom teeth taken out.
65. kissed someone a different race than myself.
66. snuck out of the house.
67. bought porn.
68. had a virus on my computer.
69. had oral sex.
70. dyed my hair.
71. gone skinny dipping.
72. graduated from college.
73. wore someone else’s clothes.
74. voted in a presidential election.
75. rode in an ambulance.
76. rode in a helicopter.
77. caught the stove on fire.
78. got in a fight.
79. met someone famous.

80. been on vacation.
81. been on an airplane.
82. been on a boat.
83. broken something expensive.

84. had surgery.
85. kissed someone before I was 14.
86. beat a video game.
87. found something valuable on the ground.
88. made a survey.
89. stalked someone on facebook/myspace.
90. prank called someone.

91. been to a library outside of school.
92. spent over $100 shopping in one day.
93. cut my hair and hated it.
94. peed outside.

95. went fishing.
96. helped with charity.
97. taken a pregnancy test.
98. been rejected by a crush.
99. been suspended from school.
100. broken a mirror.
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little mermaid
03 May 2011 @ 10:36 pm

Oh fart it. 

I heard you're going out in real life. :D

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little mermaid
16 April 2011 @ 06:19 pm

Ahw, Yoochun-a. we'll have beautiful and smart kids. And they will have the greatest dad in the world. :D HAHAHAHAHA!

Fart it, I'm still delusional. Wishful thinking. But we'll never know. Kurk.
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little mermaid
14 April 2011 @ 12:10 am

I was busy winning my scrabble game when tadan! My cousin shouted the news.
See the blurred silhouette of a guy beside Yunho? ZOOOOOM.
And I hope you see Jaejoong. Actually, I couldn't tell if it's Jaejoong.
Oh well, maybe your eyesight is better.
Some say it's Karam. But WTF, what's he doing in that car with Yunho?
Are they even friends? Oh I don't know, really.
My Twitter friend who gave me the link informed me that it was posted in Baidu and sharingyoochun last night. But they deleted it a few hours after. Oh well.

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little mermaid
02 April 2011 @ 01:30 am
Yoochun-a. I'm so tired.

 Meet me in my dreams. Hahahaha.

My Gad.

Whoever took this picture, thanks genius. I got a new wallpaper now. BTW, Yoochun-a, I'll continue the promised post, later ok? 

Later, when I'm not busy anymore. 

As for now, I'm contented with this.


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little mermaid

The userpic and the mood themes say it all. This is like a web shrine for the guy. So no surprises for this post.

Since I've been stalking this person for over a year now, better be a critic and post my opinions. This is my territory. You have the freedom to agree or disagree but I'm still the boss. Haha.
This idea was born while I was watching fanmade videos for the best live performances of Jaejoong, Yunho, Xiah, and even Changmin. Where's Micky? Attaboy. Is it because the guy is a mediocre in everything that he does? 

So I decided to make one post dedicated to Micky's victorious moments. Doncha worry anti-fans, I also  highlighted his career pitfalls. And some bonus comments.


Oh c'mon. You gotta admit this, girls. Yoochun's not much of a singer. 

Well, I gotta say I was clapping my hands when I heard him sing this song with the other members. "Go Micky!!!!!!! I gotta show this to my friends!"  And the epic high note. I fell in love with this song because of the man. Their live performance of "Pabo (Unforgettable)" for their O Tour Concert. 03:21-25. That's Micky's moment. Actually, I had second thoughts for this. I was thinking of his Love In The Ice performance in the Tokyo Power Summit. His scream was epic. But that was DBSK's best live performance. Not Yoochun's. He didn't stand out in that performance. While watching that video, I was impressed by the whole group. It's a group effort. Haha. But Unforgettable was the live performance that made Micky stand out.

Here's the video. Micky's rockin' it.

You always get an okay performance when it comes to DBSK. And since Micky cannot share the limelight with Junsu and Jaejoong (The GOD singers), he tries to compete with Changmin and Yunho. LOL.
Anyway, I think this deserves the okay award for the live performance.
I think he is perfect with the second voice. The "naite, naite" part blended with the main vocals. Here's Kiss Shita Mama Sayonara for you.

Oh, Micky's actually talented when it comes to murdering songs. Hahaha. Okay, I take it back. LOL. But I couldn't forget that duet performance with Changmin. "I knew I loved you before I met you..." Familiar, people? I do not have the guts to post the video link. Let's leave it there. The inaudible and out of tune voices. Ahw, is that some kind of a rehearsal wherein you are free to make serious mistakes? Gurk, I was so disappointed. 


This is not his forte. Actually, this is Micky's waterloo. I wanna cover my eyes whenever he starts doing his frequent strip-tease and I'm-in-a-club dance. This is difficult for me.

There is actually a best Micky dance? Really?! Busy racking thy brains for an answer. Oh yeah. Only one performance comes to mind. And it isn't even a live performance. It's a rehearsal for Purple Line. Everyone did great. Wait WTF, even Micky? Yeah, surprised?

Good luck in figuring out who's who in the video. If you're a die-hard Cassie, it's a piece of cake.

You rarely get an okay dance performance from Micky. Admit it, you never look at Micky during a dance performance. Your eyes are glued on Yunho's awesome moves.
I was looking for the video but I couldn't find it in Youtube. So just settle with the description. Or you can find it among your files. Their Love Letter episode with Hwangbo. Yunho and Yoochun's dance performance at the first part of the show. I think, that was fairly okay.

The worst among the worst. Rar? Almost all the time? Well, I get distracted by his awkward pelvic thrusts. You gotta leave it to Junsu, okay men? I was about to go for their Wrong Number dance version where even Jaejoong is considerably fine in comparison to Micky. But another scene comes to mind. His greasy dance in Star King. With the I'm-licking-my-tongue-and-dancing-at-the-same-time-o-wait-I'm-shy move. Oh men, I almost died laughing at the absurdity of his actions. All for money and the entertainment of your fangirls eh? Please Micky. Promise me never to do that shameful act again!


Lately, rap has caught my interest. Big Bang and Epik High, you rock my rap world. How about Micky? Aside from Yunho, he's also the rapper of DBSK. Sometimes, I forget that fact. Because sometimes his rap is lousy. And I can't really tell if he's rapping or just throwing random words in an amazing speed.

You gotta listen to this. I got addicted to this song for months. Even attempted to memorize the rap part. Eunhyuk's version was better. But hell, Micky got a two-thumbs up from me for this song. Shit man, this song rocks. One of Super Junior's track for their album. Heartquake by Super Junior K.R.Y. feat Yoochun and Yunho. The rap parts were very long that I had to change it to Heartquake by Yoochun and Yunho feat Super Junior K.R.Y.
You gotta listen to this. This is one solid evidence that Yoochun can rap. And he composed the rap parts with Yunho. Too bad, there's no live performance for this song.
Give it away.....

Uh-uh? This had to be the Japanese song "Shelter" with Jaejoong. It stands in between amazing and bad. Yoochun's familiar husky and soft rapping made this song special. 
Stop and listen.

A bad memory of Yoochun rapping? At first, I decided to go for Melody and Harmony. The melody, the lyrics, the rhythm. You were smiling while listening to the song but he ruined the mood by inserting that ridiculous English line. "What are we? Just a Christmas tree in the night." Man, what was that?
I changed my mind when I remembered another memorable song. Bad English. Bad rap. How about "My Girlfriend"? Gosh, I don't even listen to that song. I did, once. And you know what? After listening to this song, I found myself typing a comment in Youtube, with the following inquiry. "What language is this?" Imagine my shock when I found out, everything was in English. Forgive me for being a racist or whatever. But just the thought of that song... Oh never mind.
See for yourself. Soompi's honorary award for funny English lyrics.

Note: It's 3am. And I'm kinda sleepy so I guess, this is it, for now. I'm going to update this post tonight. Watch out. :D 
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little mermaid
30 March 2011 @ 01:53 am
 1:43 am. So exhausted I want to drop dead at that moment.
There are too many tasks to be done.
And that "lugaw" dinner made things worse.
Bad day.

Then, suddenly..
I saw this. Ahw. So cuuuuuuuute. 
I couldn't help but......



0:23. Best moment.

Goodnight everyone. Sweet dreams. Now, I can give you this :D
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